Root Canal Treatment

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The Root of the Problem

Root canal treatment is one of the most valuable solutions for things like heavy decay or infections. If you’re suffering through consistent pain, swollen or pimply gums, sensitivity or discolouration on your teeth, then a root canal might just be the answer.

Infections can get nasty if you leave them without treatment for too long, your tooth’s health could worsen, and you could develop an abscess, or you might even lose your tooth. 

Thanks to our multi-skilled team’s experience, you needn’t worry about the severe impacts of infection. If you have started to see the sign, contact our clinic today.

If you’re unlucky enough to experience a deep tooth infection, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Root Canal Treatment in Windsor

Root canals primarily involve removing infected pulp followed by a deep clean of the area to ensure that the health of your teeth is immaculate. After, we’ll fill and reseal the tooth.

Once the treatment is complete, it’s unlikely that you’ll need a second session as the sensitive parts of the tooth will be completely sealed off and protected. You might receive antibiotics to help fight off the infection.

Read Our Reviews

I have had three root canals now 😱 I have to say the team were great, although it’s not a nice procedure, I had a great deal of confidence in him. Also very pleased with the results.

Been going to this dentist for near on 8 months now for treatment and all I can say is that it’s top quality service and I really do recommend. The staff are friendly and very helpful on what steps to take to fit your needs. This is now my regular dentist.

Fantastic. Brilliant informative staff, brilliant dentistry work. Always feel like they will go the extra distance to make you comfortable. Highly recommend if you Have had a difficult time with dentists in the past.

Root Canal FAQs

How long does it take to perform root canal surgery?

Root canal treatment can take anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour. More complex cases might take up to ninety minutes and could require a follow-up appointment.

Isn’t root canal treatment painful?

Root canal treatment has an unfair reputation for being painful. Our team can offer you anaesthetic for pain-free treatment, so you feel as comfortable as possible.

Will it affect my smile?

The purpose of root canal treatment is to save your natural tooth and avoid extractions. Even if you need treatment on your front teeth, your smile will look as bright as before after treatment.