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Reduce White Spots, Increase Confidence

Enamel hypoplasia is a cosmetic condition that results in white spots appearing on the enamel of your teeth. Sometimes, people with less tooth enamel than average will have to live with enamel hypoplasia. 

Traditional methods to remove white spots are invasive, but now, thanks to ICON White Spot Removal, you can get rid of those white spots without the hassle. 

ICON White Spot Removal is a fuss-free and comfortable treatment that allows you to be free from your white spots in minutes. It’s the most effective treatment for white spot removal today, and the gentle deep-bleaching treatment is a must for anyone who wants to see their white spots vanish.

ICON White Spot Removal in Windsor

Many people live with white spots on their teeth for a long time without realising just how easy it is to get rid of them. The process is super simple and starts with isolating the target tooth with a purpose-built guard.

Next, we apply ICON’s gentle treatment gel, which starts immediately working its magic on your tooth. Now, it only takes 2 minutes to see the results.

We’ll repeat the process between washes for those extra stubborn spots. Repeating treatment won’t damage your teeth. 

The results can look dramatic, and you’ll have even more to smile about as you leave our clinic.

White Spot Treatment with ICON – step by step

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I have overcome my reluctance to go to the dentist as a result of the excellent and sensitive care I have received at all times. Highly recommended.

Great professionals, caring staff, excellent results; I recommend them for sure!

This is the most wonderful dental practice! From the receptionist – who is friendly, welcoming and super efficient to the lovely dental nurses. Alfonso is an amazing dentist! He explains everything fully, discusses different treatment options with you whilst offering advanced dental techniques.

ICON White Spot Removal FAQs

Who can get ICON white spot removal?

Both children and adults can use the ICON system. It’s best to consult one of our experienced dentists before committing to the process.

How long do ICON results last?

Results can last many years, given proper care. Your dentist can give you advice on extending the lifetime of your ICON white spot removal treatment. 

Can I treat more than one tooth?

Yes. With ICON, you can have one little spot fixed on one tooth or a full-length treatment applied to as many teeth as you want.

Is teeth whitening an alternative to ICON white spot removal?

Ordinary whitening is excellent for achieving a whiter, brighter smile, but it’s not designed to hide white spots. For that, you’ll need a specialist treatment like ICON.