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White Fillings in Windsor

White fillings from CastleView are subtle, long-lasting and, above all, safe. So, you can undergo treatment with us and not have to worry about others spotting your new filling whatsoever. 

You can benefit from a full range of white and tooth-coloured materials like porcelain and composite resin. These convenient resources are perfect for replacing old mercury fillings, cavities and decay.

Get the Natural Look

If other people spotting your unsightly mercury fillings is something you worry about, then look no further than our white fillings. White fillings provide you with a long-lasting, natural-looking smile thanks to the tooth-coloured material we use.

We’ll bond your fillings to your teeth, giving you perfect coverage for damage, breakages, cavities and more. Don’t miss your chance to revitalise your smile with white fillings from CastleView.

Read Our Reviews

Staff are incredibly friendly and have been more useful in the couple of months I’ve been going there than any other dentist I’ve been to.

Just had a filling. Very good experience. Gentle, professional and very informative. Would recommend. You get what you pay for. So far so good. It’s made me not dread the dentist like I used to with NHS.

I have been coming here for quite a few years now- originally I used to see Dr Alfonso for cosmetic treatment but after that finished I had to stay on and have CastleView as my normal practice because of how lovely the team are!

White Fillings FAQs

Can Anyone Get White Fillings?

Yes. White fillings are the perfect discreet treatment for both adults and children.

What Happens When You Get a Filling?

We remove decaying enamel and replacing it with a white composite or porcelain filling.

Do White Fillings Hurt?

You’ll experience minimal discomfort as our team will use a local anaesthetic. Some people say the drill sensation can feel strange, but getting a filling is seldom painful.