Early Orthodontics In Windsor

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Every bright smile starts with healthy foundations throughout childhood. Not taking the time to address your child’s oral health could lead to expensive and unnecessary treatment in the future.

Waiting until significant problems arise before booking an appointment with us could be costly. In their early years, your child’s dental care is vital to giving them the best start in life.

Our experienced team understands the growing pains your little one might be going through, but dental care needn’t be one of them.

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This is without doubt, the best dental practice I have ever been to. My wife used to be a very nervous patient and didn’t like going unless she absolutely had to but since going to CastleView, she now enjoys it. They are polite, professional and efficient and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

The treatment at Castleview is always highly professional and pain-free, and the whole experience is very relaxed.

Really impressed with this dentist. I had neglected my teeth as I don’t like going to the dentist. They were really nice and helpful and gave me some practical advice at a reasonable cost. I now won’t be hesitant to go back in the future.

Early Orthodontics in Windsor

At CastleView, we offer a range of customised services to cater for your child’s smile. Orthodontics is a standard solution to minor flaws, but they don’t just improve a smile’s aesthetic.

When timed and executed correctly, early orthodontics can gently readjust your child’s teeth to give them a long-lasting, healthy smile. It also reduces the chances of future dental problems and can contribute to better overall health. 

Our early orthodontic treatments can be bespoke to your child. Their braces won’t be fuel any embarrassment on the playground, and your child can benefit from stunning, healthy teeth giving them, and you, something to smile about.

Early Orthodontics FAQs

Can my child have orthodontic treatment?

Most children should be eligible for treatment with us. You should call our clinic today and book your consultation with one of our friendly team, and they can chat with you and your little one about their options.

How much does children’s orthodontics cost?

Prices can vary depending on the among of treatment your child will need. You can call us and find out via a discussion with one of our friendly team.

Does children’s orthodontics hurt?

No, it might feel strange at first, but they’ll soon get used to it, and any discomfort should subside within a day or two.

Can children’s orthodontics cure thumb-sucking?

Thumb sucking can quickly push a child’s teeth out of place. Orthodontics can help your child gently realign their teeth and ensure their smile is healthy and straight for years to come.